Ze first post!!!!

I’m finally making something of this blog.

I registered the blog name at the beginning of this year, trying to think in my mind when it would be the best time to start blogging about stuff.

This blog will primarily serve as a way for me to write about veganism, environmentalism and politics. Within the veganism paradigm, I will be discussing my journey to my first bodysculpting competition, food, the issues I face from non-vegan people about why I am vegan, raising a vegan child and animal rights issues. Within the environmetal paradigm, I will be discussing ways to reduce your (and my) impact on the environment, whether it be through what you eat or non-food items you consume. Veganism is a big part of the environmental discussions I will be having. With politics, it is election year in New Zealand, and being the politicalphile that I am, I will be discussing in-depth the various political parties in NZ and NZ public policy.

However, this first post on this blog will be about environmentalism. I’ve watched No Impact Man on numerous occasions, and last night, while I was at my father’s, I watched again. It has inspired me to do something on a similar vein, however for different reasons.

At the end of July, I thought I had received the mofo of power bills. I was wrong. At the end of August, I really did receive the MOFO of power bills. Imagine beads of sweat on my forehead, along with nail biting. I was thinking how I was going to pay for it. I was already paying a set amount each week, but it only covered 1/6 of the power bill. I thought the stress of paying off July’s power bill was high, well it is nothing compared to how my stress levels are over August’s power bill.

I thinking of why the power bill was so high. I spent a couple of days thinking about it, and after looking at the electrical appliances in my flat, and I had realised why it was so high:

– Auckland (well all of New Zealand) had a very nasty polar blast from the Antarctic on the 15th of August, which lasted all week. It actually snowed in Auckland (which is very rare). I only have a fan heater to heat up my flat, so that was on 24/7.
– Daily use of the dehhumidifier. I was thinking, for some strange reason, they only use about $0.50 worth of power a day. Wrong.
– Leaving lights on all the time. Even during the day. Not all of the light bulbs in my flat are energy efficient.
– Not turning off appliances at the wall that are on standby mode.
– The location of the hot water cylinder and lack of insulation around it.
– My son’s incessant need to turn on the hot water tap in the bathroom and open the fridge/freezer door and not close it.

So this is what I am doing:

– Going without the use of power for one month. I’ve already turned off the mains power. Which means no hot showers, vacuuming or use of the stove (or anything else that means I have to use power)
– Reducing my reliance on pre-packaged food.
– Learn ways to reduce my power consumption, so I don’t end having a mofo of a power bill.

There are a couple of exceptions I am adding to this self-imposed challenge:

– I will allow myself to charge up my laptop and cellphone at the library, and make use of the free wifi.
– I will be using a small camping gas stove to cook food on, and to also heat up water for washing dishes, myself and my son! (don’t worry, my flat is very well ventilated). I realised that using butane gas canisters is going to increase my CO2 output, so will have to investigate that part.

I hope that I will learn something from this and also get this power bill paid by the end of this challenge.

Wish me luck!!!!!


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