Day 2 of being power-free

I’ve now been power-free for nearly 48 hours and I am already starting to have withdrawal symptoms.

Last night, I went to turn the lights on and then remembered there is no power supply. I had to break out the candles for lighting, so I could get my son ready for bed. The battery in my laptop only lasts for an hour, so was only able to catch up on Facebook messages for an hour before the battery died on me.

It was certainly weird going to bed early, but that resulted in my getting up at 5am and it was still dark. I decided that listening to a meditation podcast would be a good thing to do for an hour, and by the time the sun came up, it was 6am and was able to fix myself some breakfast.

Today was grocery shopping day, and I had to carefully plan what I was going to buy. I have no fridge to use, so unable to keep some food items cold. I experimented last Friday on how long vegetables, such as broccoli and courgettes could keep without refridgeration, and it worked out to be 48 hours. Fruit is different, as they manage to keep for a week without the need to keep cold.

I had to stop myself from buying a couple of blocks of tofu, and instead kept to one block, which will be used for tonight’s dinner. I wanted to buy a tub of soy ice cream, but then remembered no freezer to use.

Part of this challenge is to get me to examine and reduce the amount of packaging I use. After buying food for the week, it amazed me just how of it is in plastic bags. All the fruit I brought was in plastic bags, along with the vegetables I brought (with broccoli being the exception). The organic oats I brought was also in plastic packaging. Plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic. It realy made me think of the amount of oil being used to produce that plastic packaging.

I’ve also had to buy butane gas canisters for my portable gas stove. I am currently investigating the CO2 output from those, but also looking at the metal used to contain the butane and the environmental effects from that.

But on a positive, I am handwashing! I have discovered it is a very labour intensive process. I only have two 13 litre buckets to do this with, and I also have to use them for washing myself. I think I may have to buy a big 60 litre flexi tub from The Warehouse, but then that is more plastic being used. I will have to think on that purchase.

Another thing I was thinking of is how this challenge will affect my weight and health, so this will definitely form a part of my future blog posts.

Any comments are welcome (and suggestions!) 🙂


2 responses to “Day 2 of being power-free

  1. I’d be interested to hear how your sleep changes with this – I’ve been reading about the effects of having so much light after sundown (particularly blue spectrum light from laptops etc), and how it messes with our circadian rhythm. They suggest even a switch to ‘no screens’ for an hour before bed can make quite a difference.

    Also, for fruit bags – I know what you mean! New World here has brought in paper bags for fruit, but it’s still more to throw away and I think it annoys the checkout staff because they have to keep checking inside the bags. I’ve been thinking of getting reusable mesh bags – you can wash them, and light enough not to make a difference to the weight you pay for. (e.g.

    • I would love to buy some of those reusable mesh bags, but part of the challenge also involves not buying anything new. And all extra $$$ I have it going on the mofo power bill.

      It will be interesting to see the effects on my circadian rhythm. I got up again at 5am this morning and feeling quite refreshed. But I suspect the full effects won’t be noticeable for another couple of weeks.

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