Day 4 – reliance on gas

It’s now nearly the end of day 4 on this month long challenge. Only 26 days to go, which doesn’t sound like much. Maybe I should make it a 6 week challenge 😛

Anyhow, I had an epic breakfast today:

chia beast

I call it the mega epic Chia beasty brekky – Chia seeds, organic soy milk, carob powder, diced golden kiwifruit, sesame seeds and coconut chips. The juxtaposition of the golden kiwifruit and carob is heavenly.

Very filling breakfast, and didn’t feel like eating anything till 2pm. Gotta love those chia seeds. If you are wondering what the ratios are:

2 tbsp chia seeds
250ml organic soy milk (or any non-dairy milk of your choice)
1 tbsp carob powder
Sliced/diced fruit of your choice (about 1 cup worth)
1 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp coconut chips or shredded coconut

Mix all together and allow to sit for 15 minutes to allow the chia seeds to soak up some of the moisture. Then eat. Nom.

Lunch, however, didn’t happen. I was heating up some water to wash my son, and accidently let it boil over. Water got into the gas ring thingymajig, so couldn’t cook. It only dried out about half an hour ago, so could use to cook something, but I was soooo hungry, that I ended up getting a vegan roti roll from the local dairy (simply the best roti rolls in Auckland) and……. a bottle of Red Bull. Gah, more packaging.

I also have to handwash dirty clothing on a daily basis, due to the increased drying time, as have nothing to spin the water out of the clothing, apart from me wringing it out. In only four days, I already have a system sorted for washing and drying clothes. I’m noticing that they actually come out cleaner by handwashing than using a washing machine. I don’t actually own a washing machine, and have been using the local laundromat to wash my clothes. Yet I have a drier.

Someone commented on the Facebook page for this blog that I should buy a carpet sweeper instead of using a broom, but at $35, that is money that could be going onto the mofo of power bills plus it means having to buy something new. I have no idea how No Impact Man managed to go a year without buying something new. Clothes, I understand, as I prefer rummaging through a rack at a secondhand shop rather than buying something new.

Its also the start of the Rugby World Cup tomorrow. I live near the CBD of Auckland and also pretty close to Eden Park. I’ll be staying well clear of those two areas. Rugby really isn’t my thing.


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