Days 11, 12 and 13 – What happened to me?

(Sorry for the random photos below of fruit and veges, but all of that will be demolished by the end of tomorrow!)

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for the past two days, but I needed to get things done + sleep issues with my son.

I’m nearly half way through this challenge and I am dreaming everyday of a hot shower. I don’t care about the rest, I just want a hot shower!!!

After the post for day 10, I attended the Vegan 101 workshop held by the Vegan Society of Aotearoa. It was great seeing some new faces in the vegan community and speaking to people who have just become vegan. I didn’t attend to learn, but was there to help where I could. It went well, and went home with a full tummy and some leftovers (one of the perks of being a helper!).

Day 11 was a pretty full on day with me, with lots of cleaning, volunteer work for SAFE, then racing home to meet my father and son (he stayed with my father for the night so I could help at the Vegan 101 workshop). By the time I was ready to come to the library to check emails, Facebook, and do a new blog post, my son wouldn’t go to sleep (I think I will refer to my son as L from now on :-P). I thought he was due for a sleep, but must have had when my father was on his way back to drop him off.

Day 12 also involved more cleaning, but also needed to restock on vegetables and fruit. By the time I got everything done, it was too late to come to the library to charge up my laptop and check emails, etc.

As for today, well more cleaning!!! You maybe wondering why I am cleaning so much. I rent and have a property inspection in about 8 days, so flat needs to be spotless. I still haven’t figured out how I will relay to the property manager why the power isn’t on. A couple of people have said I could make an exception to the rule and just turn on the power for half an hour so I can vacuum. But I’m not going to, and I am seeing this challenge to the end!!!!

It has been a hassle getting washing dry because of the erratic weather. But I somehow doing it. I’m also only bathing every second day, as having one everyday chews through the gas canisters. I really don’t like the fact that I am washing myself every second day, as I love to feel clean. But at least I can still brush my teeth twice a day.

I’ve also been reading a lot as well. I’ve been using a torch to read at night after I put Lucian to bed, and I really enjoy it. It seems to also help me sleep better, but has also provided some inspiration and help to solidfy my knowledge on vegan nutrition. When this challenge is over, I will be doing some book reviews. Books I have read so far are: Thrive by Brendan Brazier; Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr; The Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon; all of my cookbooks by Isa Chandra Moscowitz; and some books on spirituality and food by Doreen Virtue.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a huge fan of Brendan Brazier. I absolutely love his book Thrive, and he just released a book new book to complement it called Thrive Foods, which contains recipes that meet all Thrive principles. This review of the new book is fantastic, and once I am more financially abundant, I should be purchasing it. His first book, Thrive, has a really good section on what actual stress is, and is the main cause of it. What to guess what it is? Nutrition. Yep, eat crap, and your ability to deal with intense situations nosedives. I will talking more about this in a future post.

I’ve also re-read Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. She is a huge inspiration, and shows that eating the right foods (vegan wholefoods) and cutting out the crap helped her cancer to stop growing and start reversing. After reading it, it made me realise that I need a juicer. And a blender. And a dehydrator. I wonder if Santa will get me those things for Christmas??? 😛

Food wise, just been sticking to the same old, but have increased my fruit intake a little and also cooking my veges for shorter periods of time so I can access all vitamins that would otherwise be destroyed by heat, plus all of the enzymes present. The local fruit and vege shop had some spray-free locally grown galangal (which is from the same family as ginger, and pretty much looks like it and smells like it). It is used a lot in Thai cooking, and the flavour is a bit sweeter with a slight twist. It has been a welcome addition to my stir-frys.

As the library isn’t open tomorrow, no blog post, but there will be one on Monday 🙂


4 responses to “Days 11, 12 and 13 – What happened to me?

  1. Impressive reduction of carbon footprint! How long to go? I bet you miss your hot shower

    • 17 days to go, so not that long!!! I might add another 2 weeks to the challenge, just because a month doesn’t feel long enough. But then knowing me, once the month is up, I will be turning that power on for a nice hot shower 😀

      I am amazed at how much my carbon footprint has reduced, but still need to work on the amount of packaging that I accumulate each week (mainly from the bags that fruit and veg are in). The reason for it is that the pre-packaged fruit and veg I have been buying is cheaper than buying it within plastic packaging. If I didn’t have a mofo of a power bill to pay off, it would be ok to be packaging-free.

  2. Thanks Denise, you continue to inspire every day. I wasrticularly interested in that new Ginger type of egetable you used in your stir fry, it soundedseen interesting.

  3. Oops didn’t finish last post correctly. Anyway I do like your Christmas wish list & hope that you get them all.

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