Day 19 and 20 – Kale………

Sorry for not putting up a post yesterday, but had some things to do and only managed to get to the library 20 minutes before it closed, so not enough time to do a blog post.

Nearly 3 weeks through this challenge, and I have decided to do add another 2 weeks to it. I want to see if I will finally break with the lack of hot showers, lighting and not being able to use the internet constantly. You might think I am completely and utterly nuts extending it, but there is no harm in doing it, and the weather is finally warming up!!!

The weather yesterday and today has been absolutely beautiful, and I can definitely feel summer coming along soon. I totally forgot that it was the spring equinox on Wednesday, which explained the bad wind we had around that time. I absolutely love summer, lounging around in the sun, jandals, shorts and not having to worry about heating. Because the weather has been so warm in Auckland over the past couple of days, washing has been drying faster than usual.

I have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow (Sunday) as I have my flat inspection on Tuesday. Initially I was worried what the property manager might think, but I’m not now. All I have to do is explain to her why I am doing it and that there is no need to test electrical stuff, as it would be breaking the rules of the challenge. I have written out a list of what needs to be cleaned tomorrow; luckily, no blog post tomorrow, so I fully concentrate on cleaning.

In terms of what I have been eating, I brought some more cavolo nero (the best type of kale) and organic veges, and have been feasting on salads like this:

kale salad

This salad contains organic cavolo nero (chopped finely), grated organic carrot, grated courgette, grated galangal, orange segments, chia seeds and sesame. The dressing was made from organic tahini, lemon juice and pinch of himalayan salt.

It was divine. I’ve had it 3 times now. I feel so energised after consuming a whole bowl of this. Each serving contained about 3 densly packed cups of cavolo nero, so I was definitely getting a huge whack of iron, calcium, vitamin K and vitamin C. The great thing with all types of kale and broccoli, is that when eaten raw, it contains a lot of vitamin C to help absorb the iron and calcium in it. Plus cavolo nero is packed with magnesium as well.

Now to non-food stuff, working through the exercises in both You Can Heal Your Life and The Power Is Within You is really helping to my reassess where my life is at and what I can do to improve it. It is also improving the relationship with my son, which in turn is reinforcing the attachment parenting methods I use. It is also making me realise and understand why I was parented the way I was. My mother and father weren’t exactly model parents, and I had a pretty turbulent childhood. But I can now fully understand why they made the decisions they did. This is good, as I am now starting to forgive my mother for what she did. She was only doing what she thought was right and what she learnt from her parents. It doesn’t make what she did right, nor does it condone her behaviour, but I want to remove and dissolve this big block in my life, I have to forgive her. I am thinking about seeing her in the next couple of months, as the last time I saw her (which was over 8 years ago), our meeting didn’t go too well. I am not going to blame her, because such negativity will have me go backwards during this process.

My son
(Thought I would sneak in a photo of my son :-D)

This is what Louise says about blaming our family in You Can Heal Your Life – “blame is one of the surest ways to stay in a problem. In blaming another, we give away our power. Understanding enables us to rise above the issue and take control of our future“. I admit, I have placed a lot of blame on my parents and family on how my life turned out. Now is the time to stop that. Louise says further “How much do you know about your parents’ childhoods, especially before the age of ten? If it’s still possible for you to find out, ask them. If you’re able to find out about your parents’ childhoods, you will more easily understand why they did what they did. Understanding will bring you compassion….. You need this knowledge for your own freedom. You can’t free yourself until you free them. You can’t forgive yourself until you forgive them

I agree with Louise’s theory that we choose our parents before incarnate on this earth to learn a particular life/spiritual. There is a reason why I choose the parents that I have, and I am starting to know what that reason is.

So an affirmation from Louise to finish off this post is “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. The past has no power over me because I am willing to learn and change. I see the past as necessary to bring me to where I am today. I am willing to begin where I am right now to clean the rooms of my mental house. I know it does not matter where I start, so I now begin with the smallest and easiet rooms, and in that way I will see results quickly. I am thrilled to be in the middle of this adventure, for I know I will never go through this particular experience again. I am willing to set myself free. All is well in my world“.

New blog post on Monday, and enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


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