Days 26 and 27 – Dreaming of a hot shower……

It seems I am doing a post every 2 days at the moment, as my son’s sleep schedule is all over the place.

Tomorrow will mark 4 weeks of this challenge. I said I would originally do it for a month (which is 28 days or 30 days, depending on how to define how long a month is), then said at the beginning of this week that I would add another 2 weeks to it. I’m only going to do it till this Friday, because I am majorly craving a hot shower. And the ability to vacuum, store food in my fridge and play some music loud.

Food wise, I haven’t made some very wise choices. I thought I had finally kicked my refined sugar habit, but then realised I haven’t due to the jam I put on my oats. So I will have to replace that bit with fruit and a little bit of stevia. I had half a block of Sweet Williams white chocolate today, and I felt a bit sick afterwards. I still haven’t kicked my Red Bull habit yet, but I am down to one bottle a week, which is better than the 4 to 5 bottles I was consuming over a month a go. I am also thinking of giving up oats completely as well, as they aren’t really gluten-free, and I notice on days that I do not have oats for breakfast, I feel lighter and more energetic. I might use start using a mixture of quinoa and rice flakes as ‘porridge’.

No photos or Louise L. Hay stuff today, but eating all that sugar has made my brain all fuzzy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and I will write a more cohesive, comprehensive post (with photos!!!) on Monday (or Tuesday, dependent on my son :-P).

Arohanui 🙂


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