About me

Kiwi. Mid to late 20s. Vegan since 2008 and mother to a vegan boy. Passionate about compassionate living. Addicted to cupcakes and Torchwood.

This blog is about my journey to my first body sculpting competition. It will document my highs and lows, while trying to prove a point that you get the results you want without placing considerable nutritional stress on your body. I will be utilising the Thrive principles of Brendan Brazier for diet and exploring functional dynamic training to attain the physical ideal for bodysculpting.

This is a evolving journey for me, while exploring the many facets of the bodysculpting/bodybuilding industry.

EDIT: This blog, at the present moment, is focusing on my power-free challenge. Will look at bodysculpting in a months time 🙂


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